1981 JLA/JSA Reunion by George Pérez


It's always great to see George Pérez do Wonder Woman, and especially fun when we get to see his take on her before taking up her reboot. Cream on top is that this pin-up spread from Justice League of America #195 offers both the Golden and Silver/Bronze Age versions of the Amazing Amazon!

From Top Left: Earth-1 Superman, Earth-1 Wonder Woman, Red Tornado II, Earth-1 Batman, Elongated Man, Thunderbolt, Earth-2 Robin, Hourman (Rex Tyler,) Earth-2 Wonder Woman, Earth-2 Superman, Martian Manhunter, Flash, Zatanna, Silver Age Hawkman, Silver Age Hawkgirl, Firestorm I (Ronnie Raymond,) Star-Spangled Kid, the Atom I (Al Pratt,) Golden Age Hawkman, Earth-2 Huntress (Helena Wayne,) Golden Age Flash (Jay Garrick,) Earth-2 Doctor Fate, the Atom II (Ray Palmer,) Earth-1 Aquaman, Earth-1 Green Arrow (Oliver Queen,) Bronze Age Black Canary, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Snapper Carr, Johnny Thunder, Golden Age Green Lantern (Alan Scott,) Earth-2 Power Girl, Dr. Mid-Nite I (Charles McNider,) Wildcat I (Ted Grant.)

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