2012 “Classic v. DCNU: Wonder Woman” by TJ Frias

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"By this time, you've probably had your fill of the DC relaunches. Maybe you love it and maybe you loathe it. But this series of sketches were inevitable. I present my "Classic Versus DCNU" series. Next we have both versions of the Amazon Princess: Classic Diana in her red, blue, and gold versus Jim Lee designed, sword-weilding Diana. Mech pencil on sketchbook."

I've made it pretty clear how a feel about Xiana Amazon Warrior Princess, which is a very particular, very minimizing and alienating interpretation of Wonder Woman with origins dating back as far as the Silver Age. However you feel about Azzarello and Chiang's run, I think we can all agree that this ain't your grandmother's Mujer Maravilla. I'm divorced enough that I don't even consider it a legitimate run, and prefer Geoff Johns' awful but franchise building work with the character in Justice League that the latest deconstruction of mythology from the eponymous comic. Anyway, all I've seen New 52 Wonder Woman do in her own book is run around slicing stuff with her sword, where on the team book she has powers, but either way I'd stack my Wonder Woman against New Coke any day of the week. Those bracelets can deflect a sword, and Classy Wonder Woman would just hogtie this pretender. The one compromise I will make is that, aside from requiring red boots and desperately needing to ditch the subservient collar, I do think the updated costume will translate better outside comics.

TJ Frias' Post-Crisis DC versus New 52

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