Action Comics #14 (January, 2013)

N'rrssshk't the Conqueror was an other-dimensional dinosaur that invaded Earth with his army, armed with "Thought cannons. Multiphase quantum blades. Encephalobots." The Justice League fought them off, but it wasn't such a struggle that they forgot that Superman had an appointment or that they couldn't get by without him. While Batman, Aquaman, the Flash and Wonder Woman punched lizards, most had time to verbally prod the Man of Steel. "We got this" explained Cyborg. Diana simply said, "Go."

The astrophysics community had pooled all of their resources for one night to assist Kal-El in a special viewing experience at the American Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium in New York City. Their accumulated telescopic might allowed Superman to see light projected from the star Rao from twenty-seven years ago, offering a "ghost" image of the planet Krypton from the night it "died."

"Star Light, Star Bright..." was by Sholly Fisch, Chris Sprouse, and Karl Story.

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